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We have received our ATO accreditation for our cloud based Single Touch Payroll 2 program. This is an annual procedure so that you can be confident and secure in performing your payroll functions.

It is the ideal solution to the small business owner who requires to maintain a simple system either for their own pays, or for the few employees they may have.


1. Approved by the ATO.

2. Handles hourly rates, set salary amounts, and even casual amounts for irregular pay amounts like commissions.

3. Time sheet input is as simple as one line per pay period, or by daily input.

4. Pay periods can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

5. Report by department.

6. Payslips are generated.

7. Bank payment summary generated.

8. Annual Payment Summaries generated.

9. BAS report for completion of the payroll section.

10. Automatic lodgment with the ATO for each pay.

11. Two levels of amendments available, Full File for monetary adjustments, Amendment for information updates.

12. Check the ATO responses to your pay period lodgment.

13. Annual Check list for finalizing your pays.

14. Handles multiple employees.

15. Cloud based, meaning up to date software all the time, no user interaction required.

16. Your data is backed by daily.


Other Information

The payroll program is included as part of our simple-books accounting system HOWEVER you do not have to us that accounting program if you do not wish to. The payroll is completely separate to the accounting program and only operates from within the accounting program menu.


We have produced some tutorials at present, including setting up, and for general operation. More may follow in the future. These are essential watching.


Whilst we support our programs, individual request for help is via our email system. Telephone support is an optional extra.