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Importing of Bank Statements - Date Field

You may import your bank statement transactions via a csv file that is exported from your banks internet banking site. However, not all banks use the same format for the date field, and this caused a problem which we have now rectified.

We now allow you to import transactions with the following date formats (examples below)

2/12/2016           21/12/2016                2/12/16         21/12/16
2-12-2016   21-12-2016   2-12-16   21-12-16
2.12.2016   21.12.2016   2.12.16   21.12.16
2/Dec/2016   21/Dec/2016   2/Dec/16   21/Dec/16
2-Dec-2016   21-Dec-2016   2-Dec-16   21-Dec-16
2.Dec.2016   21.Dec.2016   2.Dec.16   21.Dec.16

If your bank produces your csv file with a format not show above then contact us and we shall add it to our internal conversion code.