Salient is an excellent design with a fresh approach for the ever-changing Web. Integrated with Gantry 5, it is infinitely customizable, incredibly powerful, and remarkably simple.


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This details all of the changes we have made to the program since the beta release. If you have any suggestions for improvements or for additional features send us a support ticket.

22 Aug 2017 - Importing bank statements now accepts date fields with a 2 digit year. eg.21/12/16

02 Aug 2017 - Added a purchase order field to invoices

27 Jul 2017 -  When uploading and then importing bank statements, entering the general ledger codes for each transaction was not functioning as expected. This is not fixed.

19 Jul 2017 - We have done some work on invoices.

      1. Added an "attention To" field so that invoices can be directed to a specific person or department.
      2. Some internal fixes to the logo placements on invoices.
      3. The quantity field for invoice items is now a 2 place decimal field, e.1.25 previously it was only whole numbers.

We have also added a "please wait" window before the dashboard is displayed. We found that when we were checking the integrity of your data, a lag could be experienced, especially when large quantity of data needs to be checked. It might have only been a second or two, but now you know the program is operating properly.

05 Jul 2017 - The Balance Sheet report could miss some data classed under the Equity section. This has now been fixed.

07 Feb 2017 - v2.00 - This is a major update to Simple Books and Accounting 4 Tradies. It contains many improvements over the previous version.

  1. Complete rewrite of reporting for design and consistency. PDF reports are now available for -
    Balance Sheet
    Profit and Loss
    BAS Statements
    General Ledger
    Cash Book, Payments Journal, and Receipts Journal
    General Journals
    Invoice Listing, Customer Listing, and Product / Service Listings
    General Ledger Codes and other Maintenance Items

  2. New interface, cleaner lines with a more professional feel. with less clutter, making navigation easy, and also easier on the eye.
  3. Updated bank statement uploading, with greater flexibility for many more banking institutions.
  4. Easier entering ledger opening balances for new users.
  5. Context sensitive help on most screens for quick reference to the functions available on that screen.

  6. Idle time out feature set to one hour to allow enough time for you to attend to other things, but closes the program to the login screen if longer times have elapsed.

 30 June 2016

  1. Added the ability to upload bank statement transactions where the bank uses 2 columns (debit and credit) to record the monetary amounts in the csv file

2 March 2016

  1. added more date formats for the import of bank statement transactions

 30 June 2015 - Gold Release

  1. Added Default bank account for quick entry to cashbook grid
  2. Added Quotations that can be turned into invoices with a check-box
  3. Added extra field for Quotation terms in General Information
  4. Added "prompted" pre-fill of remaining amounts on payments and receipts in allocations
  5. Changed number filed in Invoice items to decimal
  6. Changed unit field in invoice items to read only as set in product file
  7. Removed quick search from money transactions/allocation form
  8. Added sorting on payee name on BAS reports
  9. Fixed toggle button to display all BAS entries and only those needed for the form
  10. Fixed BAS report now can show all records for items not on the BAS form
  11. Rebuilt the import of bank statements to allow for better control
  12. Added an additional invoice format and added logo/letterhead additions